Our Goals & Philosophy

The program provides an environment where children feel safe, secure, respected and recognized as individuals. A positive self-image affects each child’s ability to get along with others, to explore and to create. We find ways to help children feel good about themselves in all aspects of their learning. The nursery school space is set up with a variety of materials and activities from which children can choose. The materials in the room are stimulating, challenging and adaptable for children of varying developmental levels.

The children are offered a selection of activities each day. There is time for free play, small group activities, art, movement, dramatic play, story time, outdoor play, field trips, singing, reading, and snack. An important goal of Ashmont Nursery School is to draw upon the racial and cultural diversity of the families and our world to enrich all of the children, parents and staff.

Finally, the school believes that the relationship between the preschool aged child and their parents is the single most important part of their lives. It therefore asks that parents assist the teacher in the classroom on a regularly scheduled basis and help in the administration of the school as well.